Our Free Automatic Wood Pellet Boiler Explained

How We Do It For Free ?

Biomass Boiler Solutions use the Renewable Heat Incentive, a Government backed scheme, which rewards Companies for using Heating Systems that operate on renewable fuels.

Biomass Boiler Solutions use these payments to cover the costs of supplying installing and maintaining your FREE  boiler.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI is the worlds first long term Government backed scheme that rewards companies for using renewable heating alternatives rather than fossil fuels.

Ofgem pays for every kwh of heat generated by renewable fuel sources such as wood pellets.

Our Offer To You A Free Boiler A Free high efficiency wood pellet boiler installed within one month.

The boiler is built using the highest quality materials ,ensuring maximum heating efficiency and saving up to 70% off your heating costs.


The boiler is connected to your current heating controls, meaning that you will continue to use the controls which you are familiar with

Cheaper To Run

Wood Pellet boilers can be up to 70% cheaper to run and maintain than traditional heating systems, making the cost of running the Biomass Boiler a guaranteed way of saving money for your company.

Free Annual Servicing
We will service your boiler each year in order to make sure that your boiler is running as efficiently as the day it was installed and giving you the best heat output possible.

Monitor Your Boiler

You can control your boiler and monitor your boilers performance via any tablet or smart phone. This means that you can get the most out of your boiler wirelessly.

Carbon Neutral Pellets

The wood pellets which the boiler burns to generate heat are carbon neutral. The pellets emit such a small quantity of CO2 during combustion that an equivalent volume is absorbed by trees during their growth.

Automatic Fuel Feed System

A common misconception of wood pellet boilers is the belief that you need to continuously fill the boiler with wood pellets and stow the fire. The new high efficiency Biomass Boilers which we supply features an automatic fuel feed system which vacuums the pellets from the fuel store into the boiler as they are needed. The internal self¬-cleaning unit keeps the combustion chamber clean and tidy.

Wood Pellets A New Type Of Fuel

Wood Pellets are derived from renewable sustainable forests throughout the UK. and are one of the only fuel sources that can be grown as demand increases. The pellets are not subject to the high inflation of traditional fuels such as kerosene, heating oil or LPG.

Compare Our Fuel Costs

Wood Pellets 4.5p
Coal 6p Kerosene 6.9p
LPG 7.5p
Electricity 15p

Free 7 Year Parts And Labour Warranty

We have you covered 365 days a year .Once your boiler is installed we will begin our full boiler protection and servicing package with you. It is important to us that your boiler is always running at optimum performance. We perform an annual service in order to ensure that you get maximum efficiency.