How do you install a brand new boiler for free?

The renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) backed by the Government, provides a fixed sum for every kwth/t of energy generated by wood pellet heating systems.Biomas Boiler Solutions uses these payments in order to offer our customers a free wood pellet boiler.

How do I put fuel in the boiler?

The boiler has an integrated fuel store. When the boiler is running low on its internal store, it automatically vacuums pellets from the silo to the boiler. You should never need to manually load fuel into the boiler.

Do I need to clean the boiler?

The boiler has an automatic self-cleaning mechanism which means that you never have to clean the boiler. Depending on how much you use the boiler you will need to empty the ash bin once or twice per year.

How much can I save using a wood pellet boiler?

Biomass Boiler Solutions customers are already saving over 50%of their electricity costs. Depending on your current fuel type you could save up to 70% of your annual heating costs.

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